Duathlon 111 – UK

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General Information :

– Event departure at 12:00 am on Sunday, July 02nd 2017,

– Bikes deposit in transitional area on Sunday July 02nd , from 0:00 am to 0:00 am.

– Open from Senior 1 (born in 1997 and above)



Running – Part 1 :    10,5 kilometers and one lap


 parcours pédestre chtriman 113-226 site



Cycling :    90 kilometers and 2 laps


The bike course has changed dramatically since we decided to change the number of laps 1 lap of 90 km 2 45 km of twists and always to 250 m of elevation on the entire route.

This choice also allow us to improve the management of safety especially during these troubled times.

We will take advantage of the many passages triathletes on PAARC site to boost our animations. Viewers can support their athletes in each pass.


Relatively flat and perfectly safe course. See HERE



Running – Part 2 :    10,5 kilometers and one lap


 parcours pédestre chtriman 113-226 site




Supplies :


Swimming course :   water, coke and hot tea supplying positioned between the coming out of water and the transitional area.

Cycling course :   4 supplies per positioned lap (to specify) : a 60 centiliter water, coke, energy drink can, cereal bars, bananas and some sugar

Running course :   4 positioned supplies every 3 and 3,2 km per lap : a 60 centiliter water, coke,energy drink, cereal bars, bananas, fruit dried fruit, sugar and biscuit

Final :   water, coke, energy drink, beer, cereal bars, stew fruit, fresh fruit, biscuits and many more



Time limit :    no time limit on this race





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