Chtri XS – UK

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General informations :

– start of the race at 17h15 (female wave, youngest) and 17h20 (male wave), Saturday, June 27th, 2020.

– Opening of the transition area at 15:40.

– closure of the transition area at 4:55 pm

– accessible from Benjamin (from 2008 and beyond)

– 200 seats available


Swimming: 400m course and 1 lap



Bike :      10 km course and 1 lap

Drafting is allowed, so you can ride in a bunch. However, drafting rules require that bicycles must comply with the regulations in force.

As a result, time trial bikes, triathletes handlebars and over-additions will be prohibited on the Chtri XS.

Running:    3 km course and  1 tour



View the Chtri XS Course – HERE




Final: Composed of: liquid / water – coca – solid / cereal bars – fresh fruit – dried fruit – sugar – savory cakes – fruit compote – fruit salad …

Time Limit: No time limit on this race


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